Recce: Chye Seng Huat Hardware for Coffee & Brunch

Hubby heard from friends that there was (yet another) cafe joint open, this time in the Jalan Besar area. So, being as that we are routinely deprived of good coffee on the east, we made our way there at 12pm a few Sundays ago, just a tad worried that it’d be packed.

We were relieved to find a table, and although business was brisk – the cafe was lively and loud – it wasn’t absolute, hyped-up mayhem (thank goodness!). These days all the fancy schmancy artisanal coffee places charge around $5 for an espresso-based drink, and CHSS was no different. The light savoury fare was priced decently though (starting from $8 for an omelette), and i got a nice sandwich, kettle chips, and salad plate for around $12. Not too shabby.

It was a great place, and i especially liked the site, which was converted from an old hardware shop, with a cool metal gated entrance (turned to al fresco dining) and all. I heard there’s another (!!!) place that just opened near us in Katong, called Penny University. Must check that out soon.

p.s. i learnt this ‘recce’ word from sis-in-law… apparently it stands for ‘reconnaissance’ in Singapore, or ‘recon’ for all you North Americans. Pronounce it like rec-key.


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