My blog’s (モテキ) namesake

In Japan, it is said that every person experiences 3 moteki in a lifetime

But what exactly is moteki [moh-tey-kee]? According to Tokyocherie, it’s a period in your life when you’re extremely popular and attractive to the other sex. The word is derived from the Japanese verb もてる (moteru), and even made the Top 60 popular Japanese words of 2010 list.

To be honest, i’m not sure i believe in the whole idea. But if i had to choose, the fall of my last year of university was probably it.

What’s more interesting, is whether the idea can be extended to things other than love. I’m now actively searching for jobs in Singapore, but without a clear picture of what my long-term goals are for my career. Very very bad. Wouldn’t it be great to suddenly have a job moteki?

A moteki for good old-fashioned soulmate friends wouldn’t hurt either.

Anyway, i figured it’s only fitting to begin my blog with something hopeful; a little whimsical wish for what might come. And do check out Perfume’s song, Baby Cruising Love. It was prominently featured recently in Love Strikes! モテキ, a movie based on Mitsuro Kubo’s manga about a 30-something temp worker who unexpectedly finds himself in moteki.


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